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    Fantasy League 2011/12!! details!



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    Fantasy League 2011/12!! details!

    Post  badham21 on Fri Jul 22, 2011 2:57 pm

    Welcome to the official Forum Fantasy League!

    first you need to make a team, go to:
    and register (no viruses, as it is the official premier league site)
    then follow the steps to create your own team, give it thought as this is a contest for prizes.
    once you have created your team, log in, and click on leagues >> join a league >> private league >> Next >> then type in this code to access our forums private league:

    Code to join this league: 158180-51136

    then you should be all signed up and ready to go, have fun Very Happy

    please call your team your username followed by United or FC or athletic Smile (e.g. Badham FC for me)

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